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Geomaze Classic

These mind-bending challenges combine traditional labyrinth-style mazes with geometric shapes in a very unique way. Every shape provides its own distinct challenge. As the shapes get larger and larger, you’ll need train your mind to visualize and remember. The more you play, the better you get. Think it looks easy? Give Geomaze Classic a try for yourself!

● Free to play
● No time limit. No pressure.
● Suitable for all ages from child to adult.
● A fully 3D game that lets you navigate around each shape in 3D space.
● Difficulty of each shape ramps up gradually from easy to nearly impossible.
● 200 levels with new shapes and levels being added regularly.
● Get hints to help with difficult levels.
● Fast speed lets you kick it in high gear to get the best time and score.
● Explore mode lets you view the entire maze to help find your way through.

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